ISEA Exhibition in Republic of Korea

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Excited I’ll have work at ISEA in Gwangju, Republic of Korea this summer. Grateful the trip will be fully supported by the Arizona Commission on the Arts Artist Opportunity Grant.

TEI Conference Exhibition and Publication


My thesis work, After Words, will be included in the 13th Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interactions International Conference (TEI) in Tempe, AZ. It will be exhibited at Tempe Center for the Arts on Tuesday, March 19th. A written portion will be published in the conference proceedings.

Arizona Biennial Exhibition

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One of my video art works will be showing at the Tucson Museum of Art as part of the Arizona Biennial from July 5 - September 16. The work juried into the exhibition was selected by guest juror Rebecca R. Hart, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Denver Art Museum.

The opening will be July 5 from 5-8pm. 

Published Paper and Presentation at the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Conference

I will be presenting a paper this summer at the Human-Computer Interaction Conference in Las Vegas, NV along with friend/ collaborator Pat Pataranutaporn titled Natural, Tangible, Cultural: A Framework for the Expansive Future of HCI. Through a critical and imaginative lens, we discuss and ask questions about emerging biological, tangible, and cultural interfaces that allow humans to interact with technology. 

Elsewhere Museum Residency

I'll be at the Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, NC for a residency this summer with help from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. I've known about this place for a long time, so I'm excited to get to be there in person. The residency runs from early May- June.

In Sight II Exhibition and Published Chapbook

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I was lucky to have work published by Four Chambers Press in Phoenix alongside the talented poet & collaborator Kimberly Williams. Looking forward to the exhibition of our works Jan. 5-19 at New City Studios in downtown Phoenix. Come out if you can! It'd be great to see you.

Intro to Digital Media, Fall 2017

Student work highlights from my Intro Digital Media class this Fall. The course covered 2D animation, video, digital imaging, sound, and more using Adobe Creative Suite. 

Sam Barboa,  Natural and Built Environment Hybrid

Sam Barboa, Natural and Built Environment Hybrid

Below you can find a link to a series of curated sound walk recordings by students:

Sound Walk Website

Josephine Ortiz Merida,  Between English and Spanish

Josephine Ortiz Merida, Between English and Spanish

Open Air Mattress Talks at Herberger Institute Day

Another iteration of our collaborative project, Open Air Mattress Talks, will be taking place during Herberger Institute Day on Oct. 12. We will be hosting one session from 12-1pm and another from 130-230pm. Here's a brief summary of the event:

"In our lives as students, artists and activists, our mattresses have been a place of comfort and rest, of emergent sexual exploration, and sometimes, of violence. We aim to create a safe space to participate, listen, talk, collaborate, laugh and think about these issues..." - project co-designers.

The dialogue will begin with an excerpt from the play With Each Other. Participants will then use their bodies and minds to break down boundaries and have an open conversation about consent and sexual violence prevention on campus. Join us!

For more information and to sign up click here.

Fresh Meet International Film Festival Screening in Quito, Ecuador


I'm excited that my video Lines of Communication will be screening in Quito, Ecuador at the Universidad Metropolitana de Ecuador's Fresh Meet International Film Festival.  There were a total of 279 submissions from 20 countries. The festival screenings will be held on June 8th.  For more information, visit their website here

Exposición at UAEM's Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño in Toluca, México

I am participating in a group exhibition with several other fantastic presenters from UAEM's 1er Encuentro InterUniversatario Artes Visuales. The exhibition will be held in the school of Architecture and Design. Work from a total of six universities in Mexico and one in the US will be represented. The opening for the event will be on May 25 from 3-6pm.

Artist Talk: 1er Encuentro Interuniversitario at Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Mexico (UAEM)

Artist Janet Díaz and myself presented our work for students, faculty, and community members at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México in Toluca, Mexico for the 1er Encuentro Interuniversitario: Heterogeneidades en la Investigación y Producción Artística from May 17th-25th. Fourteen other universities in Mexico participated in the conference that consisted of a series of workshops, artists talks, and research presentations.

Serial Box Projects Video Screening in Columbia, Missouri

My video Lines of Communication, will be screening all day on May 11th & 12th in Columbia, Missouri as part of the Serial Box Festival.  The videos will be rear projected onto a plate-glass window in a small building near the University of Missouri for an outdoor audience as well as drivers and pedestrians strolling by. The jury selected 25 videos from more than 313 entries from 24 countries.

You can read more about Serial Box Projects and the folks that put it together here.

Closing Reception for Walking and Thinking and Walking Again

Come to the closing reception of Walking and Thinking and Walking Again this Friday, May 5th from 6-10pm. It is in Combine Studios, the ASU Art Museum's project space and part time office of the Museum of Walking. Last chance to see great work by Krista Davis, Val Lyons, Lena Klett, Lily Montgomery, Andrew Noble, Priya Thoresen, and myself.

FATE Conference Presentation in Kansas City, MO

On Thursday, April 6 from 4-5:30 I get to present on the Transitions panel at the FATE conference in Kansas City. I'll be talking about my experience of having only one student in my 2D class last semester and the mobile curriculum that emerged.  This was made possible through a travel grant from ASU's Herberger Institute of Design & Art as well as the School of Art.

Transitions Session Abstract: Foundations courses are increasingly taught by educators that are graduate students, new adjunct professors and new-hires at institutions with curricula that diverge widely from institution to institution. While graduate students must juggle the challenges of being both students and educators with less experience to back them, adjunct professors too, find themselves less supported and without reliable mentors. How can graduate students and first-time foundations educators leverage their situations to create pedagogy and classroom situations that create excitement from uncertainty? How can full-time faculty provide better mentorship and resources for first-time foundations educators? Does experience prevail or can freshness lead to innovation? In this session, we will hear from newcomers and experienced educators in transitional situations considering the term transition broadly. Session Chair: Stacy Isenbarger, University of Idaho

A Mobile Curriculum: Incorporating Experiences Outside the Foundations Classroom  

Abstract: Through a fluke in the registration system, my first time teaching a foundations course was for an audience of one. Class critiques, group projects, and PowerPoint presentations were rendered futile. Not tethered to the traditional structures of a fully enrolled arts classroom, we were free to explore new forms. The result – our curriculum sprouted wheels. The two of us fused into out of area courses to gain new perspectives on art making, attended visiting artist talks to foster successful professional habits, and incorporated observations of the surrounding environment into unit projects.

Escaping the confines of the foundations classroom encouraged spontaneous learning, deeper engagement with the real world, and helped dissolve hierarchical barriers between student and teacher. How can these out of classroom experiences remain purposeful for larger class sizes? What steps can we take to infuse these excursions with meaning? Does intentionally bumping students into reality help ease their transition into and out of the academic world? How can we make sure that graduate student instructors feel supported and encouraged in being innovative with their instruction?

More Info: