Kimberly Lyle is an interdisciplinary artist whose current practice explores our relationship to systems of language, learning, and technology – questioning their logic and exposing their capacity for failure. Many of her projects stem from a desire for another kind of community beyond the conventions of discourse. One that begins to dissolve the boundaries between languages, between human and machine, and between each other.

She received an MFA in Intermedia from Arizona State University and a BA in both Psychology and Fine Art from Stetson University. She has been a resident at the Elsewhere Museum, Vermont Studio Center, Signal Culture, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, and Mildred’s Lane. Her work has most recently been exhibited at ISEA in Gwangju, Korea; TEI Arts Track in Tempe, AZ; Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México in Toluca, Mexico; and the Arizona Biennial at the Tucson Museum of Art.


Email: kim.e.lyle (at) gmail (dot) com


Download a full CV here.